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Food Solutions for the 21st Century

The Naresuan University ASEAN-AMERICAN Industrial Food Consulting Center (AAIF) is a full service consulting center offering assistance in new product development, cost reduction, problem solving, market research and many other R&D functions to corporations of all sizes in Thailand, The ASEAN region and North America on a contract basis.

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What AAIF can do for your company
- Cut cost & Over head
- Increase Profits
- Develop New Products
- Improve Existing Products
- Analyze Products
- Competitive analysis
Our Services
- New Product Development
- Troubleshooting and Technical Problem Resolution
- Cost Optimization
- Manufacturing Support
- New Market Development/Regulatory
- Market Research
- Nutrition Analysis
- Package Development
- Clean Label/Healthy Reformulation

Naresuan University ASEAN-American Industrial Food Consulting Center(AAIF)
Shanghai: Phone : + Adress : 118 Fangzhong Street, Suzhou Industrial Park, PR China.
Thailand: Phone : +66 55968767 Adress : Mahadhammarasha Bldg., Room TC316 Muang, Phitsanulok 65000
EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa) Phone : +32472796010 Adress: 8 Avenue des amandiers, 1080 Brussels