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A. Highly regarded staff of scientists and engineers with advanced degrees and a wide range of experiences working with some of the biggest food companies in the region and the world.

B. Global reach through partnerships with highly respected local consultants, experts and academic institutions in the regions where we operate.

C. The vast technical resources and backing of one of the most respected universities in the region Naresuan University.

D. Optimized fee structure with very competitive rates custom-designed to guarantees our clients the highest returns on their R&D investments.

E. State of the art equipment and facilities to help keep you on the leading edge of the food industry.


Naresuan University ASEAN-American Industrial Food Consulting Center(AAIF)
Shanghai: Phone : + Adress : 118 Fangzhong Street, Suzhou Industrial Park, PR China.
Thailand: Phone : +66 55968767 Adress : Mahadhammarasha Bldg., Room TC316 Muang, Phitsanulok 65000
EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa) Phone : +32472796010 Adress: 8 Avenue des amandiers, 1080 Brussels