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Food Consulting  

1- Increase sales through new product development:
Our sensory experts, scientists and engineers can help you grow your business by helping you identify your consumer needs and create new products and processes that meet those needs quickly without the cost of hiring your own scientists or purchasing equipment and facilities.

2- Increase profits through cost reduction and optimization:

Our consultants can help you increase your profit margins by conducting a comprehensive cost-analysis on your product and then helping you reformulate, if necessary, to reduce your products cost while preserving its quality and appeal. Where needed, we will help you locate alternative ingredients and technologies to help your business grow while increasing your profit margin.

3- Maximize your share in your market:
Our consultants will conduct comprehensive competitor analysis to honestly show you where your products stand against the competition and help you increase your share in the market and beat the competition.

4- Grow your business and move into new markets:
Our consultants will help you scale-up your operation to take you to the next level regardless of your current size. Our experts and our regional partners will conduct thorough market analysis and help you develop market-specific products to help you enter a new market or region from a position of strength and reduce your market ramp-up time.

5- Keep your product relevant and modern while responding to the ever changing food trends:
Our experts can help your business respond to changing trends and consumer attitudes by helping you convert your product to fit the demands of modern consumers such as healthy, clean label , gluten-free…etc.

6- Prevent production disruptions and loss of profit from changing regulatory environments and disruptions in ingredient supply:
Don’t let global commodity prices, supply disruptions and regulatory changes affect your bottom line, our consultants will work quickly to find alternative ingredients and formulations to satisfy your needs while preserving your profits.

7- Respond quickly and efficiently to product and process emergencies without expanding your overhead by having to keep a large number of technical employees on hand:
Our scientists are there when you need them and not there when you don’t! don’t reduce your profit by hiring more technical staff than you need while still being protected against unforeseen problem.


Naresuan University ASEAN-American Industrial Food Consulting Center(AAIF)
Shanghai: Phone : + Adress : 118 Fangzhong Street, Suzhou Industrial Park, PR China.
Thailand: Phone : +66 55968767 Adress : Mahadhammarasha Bldg., Room TC316 Muang, Phitsanulok 65000
EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa) Phone : +32472796010 Adress: 8 Avenue des amandiers, 1080 Brussels