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Our People  

Our consultants and scientists are all recognized as experts in their field, most possessing doctorate and master’s degrees in food science and most with Executive, managerial, product development and Research experience with some of the leading food companies in the world both in Asia and North America including: Nestlé, kraft, PARAMOUNT FARMS, Cadbury, QUAKER, Frito Lay…etc.

Our areas of expertise:

• Thermally Processed Foods
• Chocolate & Other Confectionary
• Gum
• Baked Goods
• Salty Snacks
• Cereals & Cereal Snacks
• Canned Meats
• Sauces & Dressing
• Pickles & Preserved Foods
• Pie Fillings
• Nuts & Roasting
• Frozen Foods
• Fish Snacks
• Seasoning Application and Electrostatic Coating
• Non-Thermal & Novel Processing Technologies (HPP, Radio Frequency, Pulsed Electric field, etc.)

Dr. Jareer Mansour Abu-Ali (Director)
Dr. Abu-Ali is a veteran of the US and global food industry who has worked as a researcher and Director of Research & Development for some of the top food companies in the world such as PepsiCo (Frito-Lay and Quaker oats divisions), Kraft Foods/Cadbury and Paramount Farms Inc., to name a few where he managed the research and development activities of such iconic brands as Quaker Chewy bars, Quaker Granola bites, Trident gum, Vlasic pickles, Wonderful pistachios, Armour meats, Log cabin breakfast syrup and many others. Dr. Abu-Ali graduated with a PhD in Food Science-process engineering from The Ohio State University where he was awarded the Distinguished Teaching Assistant and Distinguished Research Assistant awards. Over his industrial career, Dr. Abu-Ali has managed a portfolio of products with net sales of over a billion dollars. Dr. Abu-Ali also holds several patents for new processes and products in the packaged foods area. During his career, Dr. Abu-Ali has been the recipient of several distinguished awards such as the PepsiCo Chairman’s Award and the William Oxley Thompson Award.
Asst. Prof. Puntarika Ratanatriwong, Ph.D. (Coordinator)

Dr. Ratanatriwong is a leading expert in the food industry with experiences and research interests focusing on gluten-free rice product development, application of hydrocolloids in foods, seasoning coating application in food systems, export promotion and market access of agri-food products in global markets, microwave-assisted drying process, and product/package development. Dr. Ratanatriwong graduated with a PhD (Food Science and Technology) from The Ohio State University. Over her career, Dr. Ratanatriwong is a leading food Industry technical consultant for companies and organizations in Thailand, the USA, and Vietnam to name a few. Dr. Ratanatriwong has been a leading researcher in application of protein isolates and hydrocolloids in gluten-free rice crackers, effects of rice flour processing and preparation on rice crackers, optimization of drying-process efficiency and shelf-life extension by active packaging for snacks, electrostatic coating on food snacks with dry seasonings (process efficiency and consumer perception research), pulsed electric field processing of rice pudding, application of organic acids and salts mixture on growth inhibition of foodborne pathogens and shelflife extension of chilled poultry/meat and salad dressing, pectin extraction from pomelo waste, canned garlic rice, and value-added products developed from palm sugar syrup. Dr. Ratanatriwong is a reviewer for LWT- Food Science and Technology/ Journal of Food Process and Engineering/ Journal of Food Process and Preservation/ Asian Journal of Food and Agro-Industry and other prestigious journals. Throughout her career, Dr. Ratanatriwong has numerous awards including 2010 Young Professional Achievement Award (The Ohio State University USA), 2011 the Honorary Outstanding Academic Staff (Naresuan University, Thailand), 2009 Thailand Toray Science Foundation: Honorary Science and Technology Research Grant., ASEAN Best Poster Award (2011 ASEAN Food Conference, Thailand), Best Country-Paper Presentation at the study mission on export promotion of agrifood products (2009 Asean Productivity Organization Project 09-AG-36-GE-OSM-B, Japan), 2008 Outstanding Researcher Award (Faculty of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment, Naresuan University, Thailand), 2005 Outstanding Researcher Recognition (Naresuan University, Thailand), Award for Excellence in Scientific Research, IFT Phi Tau Sigma Graduate Research, Competition (2005 IFT Annual Meeting, USA) and Outstanding presentation for IFT Product Development Competition (2000, IFT Annual Meeting, USA).

Worasit Tochampa, Ph.D.

Dr. Tochampa has worked as a consultant for GMP and Pre-HACCP for SMEs on the Lower Northern Area of Thailand, Institute of Food Research and Product Development, Kasetsart University. Dr. Tochampa is an expert of Fermentation Technology, Modeling and Simulation of Biological Reaction, and Design and Optimization of Biological Process. Dr. Tochampa graduated with a PhD in Biotechnology from Kasetsart University, Thailand. During his career, Dr. Tochampa has conducted cutting edge research in Diluted acid hydrolysis of rice straw for xylose production, Prebiotic preparation from corncob for feed supplement, Control of dextran production in the process of making cane sugar, Production of biosurfactant from crude glycerol from biodiesel manufacturing process, Kinetic modeling of simultaneous liquefaction, saccharification and fermentation of ethanol from sweet potato, and Inactivation kinetics of Bacillus cereus spores in milk pasteurization.

Asst. Prof. Parita Thanasukarn, Ph.D.
Dr. Thanasukarn is a respected expert in product quality improvement for quality standard approval, product development for food and beverage manufacturers, quality/safety improvement of instant dehydrated beverages, supply chain management and marketing. Dr. Thanasukarn graduated with a PhD in Agro-Industrial Product Development, Kasetsart University, Thailand. During her career, Dr. Thanasukarn has research experience in product development of food products i.e. cold water soluble porridge, mash sweet potato, Kra-Chai beverage, rice cracker, crispy sheet fish, tamarind product, dehydrated pineapple, palm syrup, ready to cook rice cake. She also has research experience in active ingredients and antioxidant activity of local vegetable in Thailand. Dr. Thanasukarn has worked as consultant in product development, supply chain management and marketing for SME’s food and non-food industry.
Asst. Prof. Orn-In Prachaiyo, Ph.D.

Dr. Prachaiyo has experiences in Food Quality Management System: GMP, HACCP, ISO2200, Microbial Risk assessment in Food products, Food microbiology (Foodborne pathogens and Fermentation), and Food processing (Fruits and vegetables, meat products and marine products). Over her career, Dr. Prachaiyo has been a well-respected expert on Colloidal Encapsulation Systems, Inhibition efficacy of organic acid, organic salt and combination of acid and salt solution against pathogenic bacteria in fresh produce, Contamination sources and inactivation kinetics of B. cereus spores in pasteurization process of milk, Isolation and identification of lactic acid bacteria producing dextran in sugar process, and Functional food from fermented soy products: sufu, yoghurt etc. Dr. Prachaiyo graduated with a PhD in Food Science from University of Massachusetts, USA. During her career, Dr. Prachaiyo has had research experience in Effect of acid adaptation on survival and heat resistant of E. coli O157: H7, Risk assessment and HACCP implementation of instant herbal tea production in the northern region, The development of ginger beverage for spa, Quality and Process development of Pickle chili paste, Microbiological evaluation of Fresh-Cut Fruits, Colloidal Encapsulation Systems for Food Antimicrobials to Improve Microbial Stability of Carbonated and Noncarbonated Beverages, Development of organic acid wash solutions for fresh produces with reducing and inhibiting effects against pathogenic bacteria, Study of contamination sources and inactivation efficacy of B. cereus in pasteurization process of milk, The effects of holy basil essential oil incorporated with chitosan in inhibition of pathogenic microorganisms in sausages, Control of Dextran Production in the Process of making cane sugar, Development of sweetened ready-to-drink mulberry tea using sweeteners, Effects of hurdle technology in prolonging the shelf-life of sai-uar, Estimation of sucrose loss by lactic acid bacteria isolated from sugar manufacturing process, Heat inactivation kinetics of B. cereus spores in milk pasteurization, and Biofilm formation and resistance to stress environment of lactic acid Leuconostoc spp. Isolated from sugar plant.

Asst. Prof. Sajee Suwansri, Ph.D.

Dr. Suwansri has worked as consultant in the Thai GAP level 2, GMP, HALAL, product development and sensory evaluation for SME’s food industry in the northern area of Thailand. Over her career, Dr. Suwansri has been a leading expert on food quality management systems, cereals and rice chemistry, application of hydrocolloids and modified starch, product, package development and marketing, sensory evaluation and consumer research, food and nutrition: food fortification, and heavy metals contamination. Dr. Suwansri graduated with a PhD in Food Science from University of Arkansas, USA. During her career, Dr. Suwansri has had experiences in knowledge management of agriculture and agro processing for agricultural product, process and quality control in Halal food, and product quality improvement for quality standard approval.

Dr. Neeraj Sharma

Dr. Sharma is a distinguished expert on food packaging on both the US and international level. His experience involves several senior management positions at large multinational Food and Beverage companies dealing with all their packaging needs (innovation, problem solving, equipment or anything related to packaging). He has unique skill set with knowledge of Food/Beverage processing and an expertise in the packaging sector. Expert knowledge in different packaging materials and industries (paper/fiber base, metal, glass, and plastics (flexible and rigid), and understanding of equipment and technology that is used for different packaging formats and materials. Dr. Sharma also has practical and scientific understanding of different processing techniques such as hot fill, retort, aseptic, etc. He has the reputation of providing unique solutions to everyday packaging problems. Dr. Sharma is a well spoken, & well reputed in the CPG industry for his knowledge and expertise and can be a valuable contact to any client who seeks any help and direction in the packaging area or understanding current trends or solving a technical challenge. Dr. Sharma's long years of experience at large multi-national companies have prepared him to tackle different types of packaging challenges/projects that can help clients win with their customers and consumers.

Asst. Prof. Nitipong Jittrepotch, Ph.D.
Dr. Jittrepotch has worked as Consultant in GMP & HACCP (Thai FDA and Codex) in 2005 to present. Dr. Jittrepotch graduated with a PhD in Food Science and Technology from Tokyo University of Fisheries,Tokyo, Japan. Dr. Jittrepotch is an expert of Fishery products, Meat Science, Fats and Oils, Lipid oxidation and Antioxidants. Over his career, Dr. Jittrepotch has many research experiences in the effects of photo-oxidation on salted-dried fish meats during processed and storage in 2007, the study of physical, chemical, microbiological and sensory characteristics of dried salted striped snake head fish (Channa stiata) in Phitsanulok province in 2007, the product development of freshwater fish frozen battered in 2008, the process and Product Development of Salted - Dried Striped snake-head fish (Channa stiata) for Exportation in 2009, the Antioxidants production of Monascus purpureus TISTR 3080 from broken rice in 2009, the effects of modified ice on shelf life of freshwater fish during storage in 2010, the quality improvement of frozen freshwater fish using phosphate replacers in 2010, the effects of sodium chloride replacement by potassium chloride and calcium choloride in salted dried snake head and fermented fish (Plaa-som) products: chemical physical microbiological properties and sensory characteristics in 2011, the effects of Thai herbs on shelf life extension of frying oils in 2011, the effects of ozone on physicochemical, microbiological sensory attributes on fishery products in 2012, and the influence of drying process on antioxidant activities of dried spirogyra (Spirogyra spp.) in 2012.
Asst. Prof. Riantong Singanusong, Ph.D.

Asst. Prof. Singanusong is a lecturer in Department of Agro-Industry, Faculty of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment, Naresuan University, Thailand. She is a respected expert in post-harvest processing and quality control of nuts, particularly pecans and macadamias; post-harvest processing and product development of rice and rice products; production process, quantitative analysis of phytochemicals and its antioxidant activity, and nutritional quality of cold pressed rice bran oil, and GMP and HACCP of rice mill and rice bran oil factory. She has many research and consulting experiences in Food Science and Technology. Asst. Prof. Singanusong graduated with a Ph.D. in Food Science and Technology from School of Land and Food Sciences, The University of Queensland, Australia where she was a research scholar in Horticultural Research and Development Corporation (HRDC) scholarship co-funded by Stahmann Farms Inc. for Ph.D. study in 1998-2002. She was also awarded the University of Queensland Graduate School Award (UQGSA) during her doctorate study in 1999-2001. She had an Honor Class IIA in B.App.Sc. (Food Science and Technology) in 1996 for Bachelor degree awarded with the Equity Merit and Scholarship Scheme (EMSS) which supported by the Australian government (1990-1996). She was also a technical assistant in Sensory Evaluation Unit, The Centre for Food Technology (CFT), Queensland Department of Primary Industries (QDPI), Hamilton, Australia in 1995 for her industrial placement. Throughout her career, Asst. Prof. Singanusong has numerous awards including 2012: National Outstanding Governmental Officer of the Year 2011; 2010: Kon Dee Sri Nonthong in Best Education from the Vice Governor of Khon Kaen Province at Nonthong Sub-district municipality; 2010: Best Oral Presentation Award on Food Stability Session on the topic of “Preparation of cold pressed rice bran oil for production of powdered non-dairy creamer” at The International Conference on Sustainable Community Development 2010 (CSCD 2010) and at Nong Khai Campus Khon Kaen University, Thailand and Vientiane, Lao PDR; 2010: TISD 2010 Best Presentation Award on the topic of “Odor improvement after cooking of Chai Nat1 rice by addition of pandan leave extract” at The 3rd Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development International Conference (TISD 2010) and at Royal Mekhong Nongkhai Hotel, Nong Khai, Thailand.

Assoc. Prof. Teeraporn Kongbangkerd, Ph.D.
Dr. Kongbangkerd has worked as a consultant for GMP & HACCP (Thai FDA and Codex) in 2005 to present. Dr. Kongbangkerd is an expert of Probiotics, Microbiological Safety of Foods, and Development and processing of value added products from fruits and vegetables. Dr. Kongbangkerd graduated with a Ph.D. in Agricultural Science from University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Austria. During his career, Dr. Kongbangkerd has experienced in development of probiotic enriched products such as probiotic enriched pineapple stick and probiotic enriched mayonnaise in 2012 and probiotic encapsulation and its application in fruit juice in 2011 as well as probiotic enriched dried tomato in 2009. He also developed soya milk jelly and pulpy guava juice in 2012 and studied the effects of packing conditions on shelf life of fresh tamarind in 2011. Besides, he had experienced in the antioxidant activity of Ank-kak in 2011 and product development of palm syrup in 2005.
Dr. Pekthong
Dr. Pekthong is a respected expert in safety evaluation of herbal products and dietary supplements. His interests include bioactivity guided isolation, chemical characterization, metabolic studies with human microsomal Cytochrome P450, QSAR, ADME modeling and simulation, herb-drug interactions, food-drug interactions, cytotoxicity assays by using cells of primary origin (human, rat, permanent cell lines), animal studies (acute, sub-chronic, chronic and other tests). Dr Pekthong graduated with a Ph.D. in Pharmacology, University of Franche-Comte, France. During his 2 years of post-doctoral fellowships in Faculty of Medicine, University of Strasbourg, France, Dr. Pekthong has research experience in research projects of HepaTTox-Cell (Human model for hepatotoxicity test and cell therapy), PREDICTIV (Non animal-based models for in vitrokinetics and human kinetic prediction), and DILI Screen (In vitrotechniques and bioinformatics for Drug-Induced Liver Injury prediction). At present, Dr. Pekthong has worked as a consultant in product safety evaluations for AAIF.

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