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Our Rates  
The center has a number of rate structures that clients can choose from based on the particular needs and situations.

Hourly based rates:
This is the simplest based structure where we bill the client for the hours worked by our consultants on their specific project regardless of where the work took place (at our facilities, at the customer facilities or at third party facilities). The client covers any separate costs associated with the project such as travel and ingredients.
Because of our hybrid structure where we outsource specific parts of the project to the most cost effective location, we are able to offer very competitive rates and dramatically reduce the overall cost of the projects.

Project Based rates:
Under this pricing system, after the initial free-of-charge consultation, the center will prepare a quote based on the projected cost required for the successful conclusion of the project based on the requirements, technical difficulty and man hours required. This quote will be presented to the client and based on their feedback; a payment arrangement will offered that best suits their needs.

Retainer based rates:
In the retainer model, the client can choose to pay an annual upfront fee to the center that entitles them to year-round technical support services as needed without going through the quote process up to pre-set maximum man-hours at a reduced cost compared to the other billing structures. This system also entitles the client to on-site emergency support by center scientists and staff.

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